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What do I need to get started? 
To best serve you, we need to know what you would like printed, how many items you need, what sizes, how many colors will be needed and the graphic design. Once we have all of this initial information we will be able to get you a quote. 

More Things You’ll Need:

  • 1. Vector art for print (If do not have graphic in vector art charges are $40 per hour at $20 min.)
  • 2. Brand and type of shirt. (We can help you pick out some garments, just let us know what you are looking for).
  • 3. What colors and sizes and how many of each?
  • 4. Where will the print go and what size?
  • 5. What colors will the print be?
  • 6. Will these items be shipped?
  • 7. When do you need them by? We can accommodate for rush orders just let us know.  
  • Where do I send my graphic?
  • We need your image in vector format (print ready) 
  • What if I don’t have a finalized graphic? Vector art charges are $40 per hour at $20 min.
  • You can email any graphics you have or inspirational pieces and we can assist you in creating that final vision. 
  • We need to determine the location of the image on the tee. Some recommended print locations are full front, pocket print, sleeve print, back shoulder.
  • Our largest print size is 13′′x19′′. 
  • What colors will we be using? Base cost will be estimated off single color prints for light garments and two color prints for dark garments. We can match Pantone colors at an additional cost. We also offer a wide variety of specialty inks such as 3M ink, glitter ink, glow ink, etc. Please contact for pricing. 
  • What type of shirts do I need? There are many different types of garments such as tank tops, crew neck t-shirts, v-neck t-shirts, spaghetti strap tanks, etc.  
  • How many shirts would you like to order? We have a minimum order (MOQ) of 15. 
  • What is your turn around time? We can handle all job sizes and keep to our 10-21 business day turn around time. 
  • What if I need my shirts sooner? Let us know how soon you will need your order finished. We can accommodate rush orders.


Each color within the logo or design is printed one at a time.  The ink passes through a screen onto the textile only where the screen allows ink to pass through.  Acceptable artwork for screen printing: 300dpi vector artwork at imprint size.  Web graphics are not acceptable. eps, crw, files are acceptable. Screen charges: Every logo is screen printed one color at a time. Each color has a screen.  Every screen has to be setup for that color.  This is the reason for the setup charge for every color for every logo.   







Why should I get neck labels screen printed?

Getting sizing and care information screen printed on the inside neck of a garment rather than ordering woven labels is both cheaper and has a faster turnaround. If you’re not a graphic designer having to get neck labels designed can be an additional expense that you haven’t necessarily budgeted for. In an attempt to make the process more accessible and affordable to people we’ve come up with 6 super easy to use templates to suit a range of different brand styles.


Ok great but I don’t have Photoshop, can I still use the neck label templates?

The file is supplied as a PNG which means it’s easily customisable across most image editing software although for best results we do recommend either Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. For the mockup we used the free Bebas Neue font which is included in the download but of course you’re welcome to use any font you like to type your web address or social handle.


So how do I do it?

1. (Optional) Install the Bebas Neue font file from: (

2. Open the Neck Label Template file in your preferred image editing software.

3. Select and delete the ‘Place Your Logo Here’ and ‘’ placeholders.

4. Import your own logo and centre in the blank Logo space.

5. Type your web address and centre in the blank Website space.

6. Save the file as a PNG and email it to us. As soon as we have it we will be able to continue processing your order.